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Begin Again

I unearthed this Typepad account today. I had forgotten it even existed but it turned up in a vanity search I did. I'm not sure when and why I started it and it seems to be mostly things from other places online. I think I moved to Tumblr to serve that purpose

Actually, so much of online - especially social sites - is recycled, reposted, and retweeted content. I have other blogs where I try to be original in my writing. Still, even when I'm being original in my words, the inspiration often comes from a book, an article, a photo, a podcast, or something I saw online.

I wasn't sure if Typepad even existed anymore - but here it is. So, perhaps I will begin again here one day. Not that I need more places to be online.


a motivating beverage popular in my home state of New Jersey

IMG_8283 (Edited)